Axway, API, Architecture, Event Report

How does an API management strategy support your digital transformation?

On the 14th of February 2019 SmartWave and Axway hosted an event to share their experience on the benefits of API Management and microservices for the digital transformation. This event was a great success with more than 40 IT specialists from all over Switzerland.


The first session was held by Jérémie Dénoyer, senior API Management consultant at SmartWave. He discussed about the following points:

  • Why are APIs a key enabler of the digital transformation?
  • Why is API Management mandatory to correctly govern your assets?
  • How to secure an API Management project?

Kasso Legouda and Peter Oosterlynck principal Presales Consultants at Axway managed the second session and focused on:

  • API Management and microservices architecture
  • What are the key benefits of microservices architecture?
  • How do Axway products simplify and secure microservices architecture?

The last session was a customer testimonial that implemented Axway API Management platform with SmartWave services. He shared his experience on:

  • Why did we launch an API Management project ?
  • How did we choose the product and the partner?
  • Lessons learned and key outcomes

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Dupouy Emmanuel

Emmanuel Dupouy leverages his 15 years of experience in the IT consulting industry to enable organisations to be successful in their IT choices and generate business value. In charge of sales and marketing activities, his goal is to create the conditions of success for both customers and employees.