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SAML on the Rebound

Using SAML Federation as an alternative to the OAuth 2 SAML Extension Grant We were recently approached by a client to develop an API management solution which would allow distinct user communities to authenticate against their chosen identity provider, some of which would support the OIDC standard while others would rely on the SAML standard. […]

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Git : quelle stratégie de branching ?

Git est devenu le standard pour la gestion de code source. Pour compléter notre formation Git, voici un guide pour utiliser au mieux ses fonctionnalités dans un esprit DevOps. Garder une unique branche principale toujours prête à partir en production Il est primordial que la branche de travail principale soit toujours prête à partir en […]

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Docker Hands-on Lab Report

On the 11th of December 2018 SmartWave hosted its first Docker hands-on-labs. We had around 15 attendees with different backgrounds and different level around Docker. For some, Docker was something new, they had the opportunity to discover this technology using labs dedicated to them and to their system of predilection — Linux or Windows. Others, […]

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September Geneva Docker Meetup Feedback

On the 23rd of September 2018 SmartWave hosted its third Docker MeetUp this time joint with Elasticsearch. Eric Duquesnoy lead the introduction of the Meetup. Valentin Crettaz took in charge the second presentation on Elastic Stack on Docker. He explained how to leverage Docker to run the full stack of Elastic products. Nicolas Ruflin took in charge the third presentation on Docker […]

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Technical Article, Architecture

Scalabilité horizontale vs scalabilité verticale

Lorsque la charge serveur augmente, et qu’il est temps de rajouter des ressources matérielles à votre infrastructure, deux approches s’offrent à vous : augmenter vos ressources verticalement ou horizontalement. On parle de scaling vertical versus scaling horizontal. La scalabilité verticale La scalabilité verticale est la plus intuitive : cela revient à ajouter des ressources à […]

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