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SmartWave and its partners @ The Connected Event

SmartWave and its partners Axway and Denodo were at the The Connected Event in a common booth to demonstrate their value proposition to address digital transformation challenges.


We started the trade show with a presentation of Denodo product. Stephane Louet, Data virtualisation expert at SmartWave and Aly Wane Diene, senior pre-sales at Denodo explained how you can reach data agility and security with data virtualisation. They also detailed Swiss customer cases where we used this technology to simplify data access whether its location and format.

Second presentation was a customer testimonial detailing why they chose Axway API Management solution and how SmartWave implemented the solution. Many questions from the crowd to understand what were the main challenges and about project funding strategy.


In the final session, Jérémie Dénoyer, API Management expert at SmartWave and Kasso Legouda, Senior pre-sales engineer at Axway presented how digital transformation challenges can be addressed with Data Virtualisation and API Management. Data Virtualisation  simplifies, standardises and secures data access whilst API Management supports service exposition inside and outside the information system.

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