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Microservice Architecture : Benefits and Challenges

What is a microservice? Each microservice is a componentized (and ideally, stateless) service built around a single domain of business capabilities.  Whereas a monolithic application typically represents a tightly coupled, but ultimately “complete” solution:  The goal of a microservice is to encapsulate a small area of distinct and discrete functionality into a modular service that […]

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Technical Article, Axway, API

Renoir, Matisse, Jackson Pollock—meet APIs

Who would have thought a few years ago that the words APIs and masterpieces would go hand-in-hand? It’s certainly a wild thought, but nowadays, that’s simply the case. Thanks to APIs, masterpieces such as Renoir, Matisse and Jackson Pollock, just to name a few, are now accessible in all sorts of ways via APIs. I […]

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Technical Article, Architecture, Access Management

SAML on the Rebound

Using SAML Federation as an alternative to the OAuth 2 SAML Extension Grant We were recently approached by a client to develop an API management solution which would allow distinct user communities to authenticate against their chosen identity provider, some of which would support the OIDC standard while others would rely on the SAML standard. […]

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Technical Article, DevOps

Git : quelle stratégie de branching ?

Git est devenu le standard pour la gestion de code source. Pour compléter notre formation Git, voici un guide pour utiliser au mieux ses fonctionnalités dans un esprit DevOps. Garder une unique branche principale toujours prête à partir en production Il est primordial que la branche de travail principale soit toujours prête à partir en […]

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