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September Geneva Docker Meetup Feedback

On the 23rd of September 2018 SmartWave hosted its third Docker MeetUp this time joint with Elasticsearch. Eric Duquesnoy lead the introduction of the Meetup. Valentin Crettaz took in charge the second presentation on Elastic Stack on Docker. He explained how to leverage Docker to run the full stack of Elastic products. Nicolas Ruflin took in charge the third presentation on Docker […]

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SmartWave hosted its second Docker Geneva MeetUp

On the 31st of May 2018, SmartWave hosted its Docker Geneva Meetup. Three presentations has been offered during the meeting and you ll be able to find the slide deck here under with a short résumé of all of them. This time the topic was about orchestration and during the MeetUp we have been trying to answer […]

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Les Tutos Docker – Episode 2

  BIENVENUE DANS CE 2ÈME ÉPISODE DES TUTOS DOCKER ! Dans ce tuto nous allons plonger dans les arcanes d’un cluster de containers. MAIS POURQUOI UN CLUSTER ? Tandis que le docker engine est fait pour lancer des applications dans des containers, il lui manque de sérieuses fonctionnalités pour aller en production. La principale est […]

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Les tutos Docker – Episode 1

PREMIERS PAS DANS LE MONDE DES CONTAINERS ET DE DOCKER Les tutos Docker est une mini-série d’articles autour de la technologie Docker (Containers, images, docker-compose, Swarm, Kubernetes …). L’objectif de cette série n’est pas de fournir une documentation exhaustive sur les usages de Docker (la documentation officielle de Docker est déjà très bien faite). En […]

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SmartWave brought Docker Geneva MeetUp back to life with more than 50 participants!

On the 13th of December 2017, SmartWave hosted the Docker Geneva Meetup in its new office extension. Even if the room is quite large, it was just enough to welcome the 57 Docker enthusiasts. Our distinguished guest was Tibor Vass software engineer in the Linux Docker team in San Francisco. You can discover more about Tibor in the following interview where we discussed […]

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