BPM Summit @ Geneva


Automation of its business processes

The seminar began with an introduction of the SmartWave methodology for the implementation of the BPM approach. Frédéric Lejal, society BPMS Switzerland, detailed the importance of modeling and revision of business processes before their automation. He also mentioned the risks associated with an underestimation of the task. Julien presented how developers take the following of BPM analysts to automate processes in a BPM factory maximizing reuse and standardizing working methods.

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About Bonitasoft and Bonita BPM

Thereafter Bonita introduced Bonita BPM a tool to achieve process automation within a single unified and open platform. This openness is reflected by a high capacity for integration into the information system. In its latest version, Bonita BPM 7 offer a new graphical interface to users, in accordance with the best market standards.

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HOTELA, BPM in the heart of the strategy

Mr. Caillet-Bois from Hotela society gave the first customer testimony. We could discover how using BPM approach has allowed to completely rethink the organization of society in order to offer a better experience to customers. BPM helped to unify “in a large building” what was previously compartmentalized into different small houses. This created a better customer service, but gave also productivity gains and the ability to launch new activities.

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Customer onboarding, technology platform to the business use

The day ended with the sharing of experience of a large Swiss private bank that has implemented the Bonita BPM product for the automation of its customer onboarding process. This critical process involving many actors in the bank was very complex to manage both its transversal aspect for its strong integration with information system components. It is thanks to the flexibility of the tool SmartWave Bonita and expertise that this project was quickly implemented and now lays the foundations for a real process plant.

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Finally the bravest participants discovered the Bonita BPM tool during a technical session or they have modeled and automated a business process.