Embrace the Cloud Securely with SmartWave

If you are about to embark on the largest technology migration in your company’s history, know that you are not alone! SmartWave’s Cloud Adoption Center of Excellence is with you.

Its mission is to ensure a smooth transition from your current systems to your new Cloud platform so you can enjoy all its benefits.

Discover in this video how Mohamed Bouchenafa and his team manage this transition period, what project governance they implement to identify and minimize risks and what target architectures they propose.




La Boite à Questions – Dorian Rougier

Le centre d’excellence pour les systèmes distribués de SmartWave propose un écosystème de solutions et de services qui répondent aux besoins des entreprises les plus innovantes de Suisse romande.

Dorian Rougier explique comment son équipe accompagne ses clients pour simplifier les échanges de données internes et externes et pour exposer des services par le biais de plateformes simples et sécurisées.

La Boite à Question de Denis Ronssin

Nous vous annoncions en début d’année un nouveau mode d’organisation au service de notre ambition : devenir à l’horizon 2025 le leader des solutions digitales intégrées en Suisse romande.

Nous sommes très fiers aujourd’hui d’avoir quasiment atteint notre nouveau rythme de croisière : le pilier Empower a renforcé sa présence au sein des équipes de la plupart de nos clients historiques et s’est positionné comme un interlocuteur crédible auprès de nouveaux grands comptes, le pilier Care a démarré plusieurs contrats de TMA exigeants et va lancer son activité nearshore en fin d’année, quant à notre pilier Build, il travaille actuellement sur 2 projets de digitalisation ambitieux qu’il nous tarde de pouvoir partager avec vous !

En attendant, nous vous invitons à découvrir cette vidéo de Denis Ronssin, CEO de SmartWave, qui a accepté de jouer le jeu de la “boîte à questions” et qui partage avec vous son expérience et sa vision de l’IT.

SmartWave is now an Advanced AWS Partner !

SmartWave is now an Advanced AWS Partner, and we are happy and very proud of this achievement.


Because, in 2016, when we decided to become an AWS partner, it was a choice we made based on the benefits we could bring to our customers through a public cloud provider that, like us, is strongly focused and obsessed with their customers’ success.

Because after 5 years of partnership, we have seen how satisfied our customers are when we provide them with the applications, projects, solutions, and guidance that enable them to successfully adopt the cloud, reduce their total cost of ownership, reduce their time to market, maximize their productivity or their operational resiliency, and, most importantly, gain business agility and innovation capability.

Because in the coming years, not only is AWS part of our vision, it will also be part of our customers’ strategy – the new AWS region in Switzerland in 2022 will require us to be even more prepared and ready to migrate customers to AWS. To achieve this advanced status, our consultants had to obtain several AWS certifications (we hold 19 in total!) which are a guarantee not only of the quality of the work we provide, but also an assurance to our customers that we are the best partners for their cloud journey!

This success is also a demonstration that we have established something greater than a partnership with AWS – a collaborative relationship that is forged to last like a Swiss Army knife!


SmartWave @ “L’Événement Connecté”

SmartWave S.A. with its partners Axway and Semarchy will share how they support the digital transformation of their Swiss customers in June and September 2021 for “L’Événement Connecté”* (the LEC), the largest Swiss event dedicated to digital, CRM and IT!

Pragmatic days to meet the new technological and organizational challenges faced by all Swiss industrial and service companies.

Maximize the potential of your IT infrastructure with an open API management platform

06/15/2021 | 09:50am -> 10:25am

APIs have become essential to the development of companies and to the digitalization and modernization of their offerings. They provide a link with their entire ecosystem (partners/customers/employees). APIs also provide the agility needed to deal with unforeseen events and turn to new sources of revenue by creating new customer experiences.

In this presentation, Axway & SmartWave will explain how to implement an open API management platform to address your company’s digital challenges.


Roundtable: How to expose and secure your data repositories with an open API management platform?

16/06/2021 | 2:35pm -> 3:10pm

During this roundtable, Axway, SmartWave and Semarchy experts will discuss the benefits of effective API management and the creation of a quality data repository, as well as the importance of this combination in the process of digital transformation of companies.

They will also discuss how to create value with the data generated by your organization:

  • Leverage your data and APIs in a secure way
  • Create new and innovative customer experiences
  • Increase your company’s revenue without increasing costs.


3 feedbacks: the benefits of an Intelligent Data Hub for governance and Master Data Management.

17/06/2021 | 09h50 -> 10h25

Discover how three large public and private organizations have benefited from an Intelligent Data Hub at the heart of their information system to meet the needs of their business teams. We will discuss their problems, the solution they implemented, the key steps of their project and the results they observed.

3 use cases, 3 business sectors for a better understanding of the capabilities of a Data Hub to ensure the governance and management of your reference data:

  • Somfy: creation and centralized management of products
  • HUG: management of clinical activities
  • Retail (anonymous): international price management


Our new ambition!

Dear Customers,

For more than 20 years now, SmartWave has been putting its expertise in information technologies at your service.

Thanks to you and to the commitment of our employees, we have succeeded in reaching our first goal: to make SmartWave a reference in French-speaking Switzerland in cutting-edge technical domains such as APIs, messaging, AWS Cloud, DevOps, identity management or specific developments.

By capitalizing on this experience and the know-how of our 60 consultants, we now want to make our company the market leader in integrated digital solutions.

The signals we receive are clear: digital transformation accelerates the need to differentiate from the competition, to gain in productivity, to address new markets… Companies must equip themselves with open solutions that are integrated with their information systems, using multiple technologies and skills.

This is why we have rethought our organization by creating 3 poles of excellence. Each of these divisions offers a specific approach to achieve your digital transformation:

  • Empower: we strengthen your internal project teams by selecting the best profiles, both from a human and technical point of view.
  • Build: we build custom applications using all our know-how: UI/UX, business analysis, back, front, mobile, project management… These applications are delivered turnkey and ready to be used by end-users.
  • Care: we maintain and upgrade your software solutions, whether they were developed by SmartWave or by a third party.


We hope to see you again soon to share our enthusiasm and discuss your own projects and ambitions.

The SmartWave team