Professional Data Integration Consultant with 3 years + of experience


  • Extract data from selected sources (Database, flat files, XML, Web services)
  • Perform data formatting, cleansing, transformation and enrichment
  • Implement data integration workflows using various products and target systems
  • Analyze and write technical specifications for data integration
    Implement, maintain and monitor Master Data Management systems
  • Participate to Master Data Management definition
  • Implement, maintain and monitor Data Virtualization solutions


ETL, MDM, Data Quality, Data Virtualization, Data Warehouse, BI, SQL

Skills Expected


  • Track records of successful involvements in ETL/MDM/DWH/BI projects
  • Hands on experience with a market-leading ETL (e.g. Informatica, Talend)
  • Practical knowledge of SQL (e.g. Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T-SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Solid Data Modeling skills (Snowflake/Transactional)
  • Autonomous and organized


  • Hands-on knowledge of Oracle database and/or PostgreSQL database
  • Knowledge of Semarchy Convergence
  • Knowledge of Semarchy DI/Stambia
  • Knowledge of a data virtualization solution (e.g. Denodo, JBoss data virtualization)
  • Experience with BigData/NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDb, Hadoop, Marklogic)
  • Experience with Data Warehouse and BI
  • Experience with data quality management
  • Ability to write technical documentation in English

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