SmartWave is now an Advanced AWS Partner !

SmartWave is now an Advanced AWS Partner, and we are happy and very proud of this achievement.


Because, in 2016, when we decided to become an AWS partner, it was a choice we made based on the benefits we could bring to our customers through a public cloud provider that, like us, is strongly focused and obsessed with their customers’ success.

Because after 5 years of partnership, we have seen how satisfied our customers are when we provide them with the applications, projects, solutions, and guidance that enable them to successfully adopt the cloud, reduce their total cost of ownership, reduce their time to market, maximize their productivity or their operational resiliency, and, most importantly, gain business agility and innovation capability.

Because in the coming years, not only is AWS part of our vision, it will also be part of our customers’ strategy – the new AWS region in Switzerland in 2022 will require us to be even more prepared and ready to migrate customers to AWS. To achieve this advanced status, our consultants had to obtain several AWS certifications (we hold 19 in total!) which are a guarantee not only of the quality of the work we provide, but also an assurance to our customers that we are the best partners for their cloud journey!

This success is also a demonstration that we have established something greater than a partnership with AWS – a collaborative relationship that is forged to last like a Swiss Army knife!