Smartwave’s 15th Anniversary

Last 30th of March, we have been almost 150 people to meet to celebrate SmartWave’s 15 years anniversary.

All testimonials and thanks received on and since this occasion, show us that the human values ​​that drive us are particularly valuable and important for all those who participate at the SmartWave’s adventure.

A testimonial received at the end of this very successful evening summarize by itself what we were able to share with you:

“Bring value to your business” is more than the SmartWave “moto”, it’s the result of what the cement around your values ​​creates and develop, the foundations are solid, I am looking forward to take part  in the celebrations of the 20, 25 and 30 years!

Thanks to your trust, willingness to innovate and attention to the human dimension,  we can make our adventure exciting and allow it to continue.

See you soon

The SmartWave Team