Application & Cloud Integration

Application & Cloud Integration

Streamline your business processes by leveraging your information systems

Your challenges

Resolve business pain points caused by application silos
Connect a newly acquired application to your existing information systems
Ensure information consistency between multiple applications
Unlock and share information from your knowledge systems with partners and clients
Reduce operational cost due to information system heterogeneity

Our solution

We offer both methodological and product solutions to address the issues you are having with integrating projects that exist both on-site and in the cloud.
To support upstream project phases, we map information flow, define a reference architecture, identify the most suitable products and create an integrated solution that is both robust and coherent. We address solution implementation with infrastructure definition, platform installation and stakeholder training.
We cover a wide spectrum of integration cases by offering different solution types (ESB, API) under a commercial or open source flavour. Our product-certified consultants are also involved in the daily implementation of your integration projects.
Our experience enables us to capitalise on transversal issues, such as securing flows, monitoring messages, end-to-end deployment and industrialisation.

Typical projects

On-premises integration

Enterprise Service Bus
Business and technical activity monitoring
Integration testing tools

Cloud integration

API management
Any integration combination: Cloud, SaaS, On-premises
Mobile service exposition
Integrating PaaS solutions

B2B exchange

Managed File Transfer
Electronic Data Interchange
Securing B2B exchanges
Partner data integration

Health care integration specialist

HL7 & DICOM engine
Electronic medical records software integration
Medical device integration
Health information exchanges

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Dorian Rougier

Technical team Leader

Application integration works much like a translator; it enables communication between applications speaking different languages.

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