Process Automation

Process Automation

Enhance your business with industrialised processes

Your challenges

Critical business processes with error-prone, repetitive manual work
Need to streamline operational cost and labour
Cross-platform and cross-functional processes with ever-evolving needs
Compliance with regulations, standardising business processes

Our solution

We offer a complete solution from requirements analysis to deployment and maintenance. We improve your business by correcting inaccurate manual tasks and processes spanning days, weeks or even months.
Our specialists design and optimise your processes before implementation with a continuous improvement mindset. Integrated with your existing information system, our solution will adapt and evolve over time following your needs.
By providing a centralised collaboration system, we optimise the way your employees work to end extensive reliance on paper documents being transferred between departments. Through standardised forms and electronic-only documents we improve productivity and reduce costs for a greener way of working.

Typical projects

Process centric application

Client onboarding
Customer-facing processes
Financial assets management
Sales process management
Human resources administrative processes

Enterprise process automation platform

Enterprise BPM roadmap
BPM platform industrialisation
Information system integration
Service and component reuse strategy

Business Process Analysis

Process modelling
Identifying business rules and data
Information System gap analysis
Process improvement

Ask our expert

Yannick Marrec

Technical team leader

As Fordism brought efficiency to industry, so process automation brings efficiency to knowledge workers.

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