Digitalization of tenant incident management process

Founded and directed by Abdallah Chatila, m3 Groupe invests all its expertise and creativity to serve Geneva’s influence. The company acts in various domains such as real estate, hotels, restaurants, events, financing, and health. Using this market coverage, m3 offers services and benefits to the people of Geneva and provides its clients with a detailed knowledge of the market.

Faithful to its values of excellence, trust, and commitment, the company has become a player as essential as it is atypical in its approach to the local economic landscape.

m3 Gérance manages real estate assets since 1950. Their approach ensures asset value sustainability by mastering all aspects of buildings conservation. More specifically, m3 employees work closely and harmoniously with tenants, owners, and concierges. This technical supervision of each building allows work optimization and thus avoids any energy drift.


Foster a disruptive approach to shake up the property management market and gain market shares
Stand out in a very competitive property management market
Cope with high pressure on prices
Manage a high volume of tenant incidents daily
Handle many service providers (craftsmen, enterprise) with complex job assignment rules
Limited internal information system development capacity

Our solution
Enterprise Applications

Our value proposition

SmartWave took charge of the entire project by delivering a turnkey solution. Main activities were:

  • Business process analysis and refactoring
  • Design of the solution architecture and choice of technological components
  • Valuation of existing information system modules
  • Provision of all the necessary skills to carry out the project
  • Knowledge transfer towards the internal team


AWS Cloud

One of the main challenges of this project was the reduced time to market to deliver the final product. Thus we made extensive use of AWS cloud to broaden the IS features:

  • Secure services exposition and governance with the API Gateway
  • Lambda to manage custom authorization business logic
  • User identity management with Cognito: authentication and legitimation
  • Integration of the existing applications through asynchronous communication


ERP integration

The solution’s main value relies on its capacity to expose real-time data to internal and external users. SmartWave addressed it by integrating existing back-ends: CRM, ERP, DMS using API, and asynchronous messages. We used two AWS managed services:

  • Amazon API Gateway: makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs.
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service: fully managed message queuing service enabling to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications.


Mobile application for tenants

SmartWave created custom Android and iPhone mobile applications for the tenants with exciting features such as issue qualification with a chatbot, profile management, consultation of administrative documents, etc. We used the Ionic framework based on the popular Angular web application framework. This choice brought many benefits: a unique source code base for all platforms, reuse of existing web components, rapid development, low costs, and optimal maintenance.


Back-office application

SmartWave created a web application dedicated to m3 employees involved in the issue management process. This tailor-made solution simplifies their day to day activities by displaying all necessary pieces of information in one place to streamline and accelerate decision making. We used the Angular framework to produce high-quality user interfaces.


Craftsmen marketplace

Artisans and enterprises receive work offers through a dedicated and secured web application. A business rules engine automatically assigns requests to the relevant partners using property owner governance rules. Hence artisans and enterprises can accept and bid for suitable offers. When work is completed, electronic invoices are sent.


Manuel Alvarez - Digital Strategy Director We were looking for a partner with deep and broad experience in information systems, but who can also understand the end-users' expectations.

It was a significant project which required a great deal of rigor to keep up with the frenetic pace of contractual iterations. Paradoxically, we also needed a great deal of flexibility within the scope of the deliverables.

SmartWave was able to respond in an excellent way to all the challenges of this complex project, which required numerous interactions with very different user-profiles and actors.

Finally, budgets were respected, which was a major challenge at the start of the project.


Less repetitive tasks for the back-office team

The BPM engine supports the automation of repetitive tasks and improves the productivity of the back-office team. A custom web portal aggregates all manual tasks and boosts decision making.

Reduced incident management process duration

Many aspects of the solution lead to reduce the total elapsed time of the business process:
• Tenant qualifies the incident with the mobile application chatbot without requesting the support of an employee
• Incident qualification is consistent and respects internal rules
• Process automation eliminates unnecessary delays

Improved management of suppliers

The business rules engine automates the artisan tasks assignment following property owner governance rules. This new process leads to better price competition and reduces the asset maintenance budget.

Improved visibility based on key performance indicators

Process automation enables performance tracking at each step through key performance indicators. Using such impartial metrics, team managers can easily identify bottlenecks and undertake relevant corrective actions.

Improved tenants satisfaction

The mobile application provides tenants with features to :
• follow the progress of their requests
• answer additional questions about the issue to fix
• make an appointment with the craftsmen
• accomplish administrative tasks