Luxury industry: master data management for contact management

This customer is a worldwide leader in the luxury industry.

For this project we set out to help our client harmonise, deduplicate and share business knowledge across the organisation. The method we recommended was to implement a Master Data Management solution to clean and standardise information flowing within the organisation through a number of existing data sources before publishing cleansed, corrected and verified data back to source systems.



Large number of existing data sources which need to be integrated to provide master data.
Low reliability of any single existing source of data.
Heterogeneity of existing IT landscape with regard to source systems.

Our solution
Data Management

To meet this project’s challenges, we held a series of workshops with key business stakeholders. We determined the extent of information which the organisation wished to manage via the MDM solution and created a project plan composed of several sub-projects to allow an iterative implementation.

We held several phases, the first of which involved installing Semarchy Convergence for MDM as the MDM solution. We configured and prioritised data sources and integrated them with the solution. This done, a second phase involved review and tuning of source data matching to ensure a high degree of positive automatic matches. The final phase of the project consisted of providing “golden data” from the MDM solution to business end-users and republishing it back to the original source systems to cleanse their data and enable better business decision making.



The solution provides a modern and efficient solution to the master data needs of the organisation based on a powerful Extract, Load & Transform paradigm which leverages the power of their underlying database technology.


The implementation of an off-the-shelf solution based on the latest technologies and IT standards ensures that the organisation can easily integrate future source systems as necessary, backed by a dedicated support channel should assistance be required.


Thanks to the improved reliability of key business data, more accurate and timely decisions can be taken by the organisation.