Private Bank: CRM for independent financial advisors

This customer is a Swiss private bank which provides services in wealth management, asset management and asset servicing to private clients and institutions.

The bank sought to improve the way financial advisors managed their client relationships but couldn’t find an off-the-shelf package that responded to all of their requirements, so they decided to create their own CRM solution.


Having a CRM platform able to respond to multiple use cases for different user categories
Ensuring user acceptance
Integration with with the current information system
Providing compatibility with the largest number of web browsers

Our solution
Enterprise Applications

We proposed a web application based on a FLEX frontend and a Java backend. A first version was created for the financial advisors service which provided all common features of a CRM. With the help of an ergonomist, we provided a modern layout following state-of-the-art Rich Internet Applications trends. Building up from this first successful version, we grouped all of the common functionalities in a reusable core to create a second, customised CRM version for another division. This ensured that maintenance of core features would be done in a common, structured way while division-specific features would be separated into division-specific elements.



We developed plenty of custom components for this application, from character fonts to custom scrollbars, each of which was carefully designed. As a result, the client quickly accepted each new CRM platform while appreciating the contemporary style.


By grouping common features into a single project, the customer now owns a starter kit for developing new CRM platforms. This reduces time and maintenance costs significantly. To date, IT teams have delivered, and are maintaining, three CRM platforms.


Each of the new CRM platforms has the same look and feel and each uses the same visual components, so the visual CRM signature is uniform across all departments while the User eXperience (UX) remains consistent among services.