Swiss Private Bank: client onboarding
This customer is a Swiss private bank.
The wealth management department wanted to improve its client onboarding operation focused on documentary bundle generation.


Simplify relationship manager data entry and reduce errors
Improve communication between departments
Be compliant with regulatory requirements
Simplify documentary bundle creation

Our solution
Process Automation

We proposed a global solution based on Bonita BPM. As a prerequisite, we started the project by modelling the client onboarding process.
This phase, supported by our business analyst and BPMN expert, involved customer stakeholders and process owners. It let us determine clearly all of the data required by their process, linked applications and business rules. Moreover, this activity prepared users for change.
In the second phase, we focused on BPM industrialisation and training, which produced a solid process automation platform able to support any business process execution.
The final phase saw documentary bundle generation, which employed all the process information that had been collected.



Our BPM solution emphasizes ongoing improvement to business processes, which makes it easier for you to evolve. Our customers can automate new processes with ease and bring new departments on board with no trouble. What’s more, Bonita BPM provides a multi-tenancy feature that allows you to isolate each subsidiary for separate analysis.


The solution also ensures strict compliance, which cuts down on opportunities for human error. Out-of-the-box KPI and BAM reports provide great visibility and make it easier to identify ways to improve processes.


Contingency and form controls make data entry on customers faster and more reliable, which lets relationship managers focus on getting the best data to serve clients better. In addition, the automation improved worker productivity by reducing the time it takes to produce a documentary bundle.