Swiss DevOps Day


Expand the software factory to production

Daniel Fauraz from SmartWave company began by introducing DevOps concepts in the continuity of the agile approach. The positioning of the software factory has revealed how industrialissation improves productivity and quality development practices. The final step of this approach is the implementation of continuous deployment. Link to the presentation

Automation and orchestration deliveries

MM. Richard Mathis and Benoit Moussaud of XebiaLabs editor then presented products XL Deploy and XL Release that help organisation to standardise, automate and secure software deliveries. A focus on the unified deployment model has allowed us to understand how the tool binds the deployment artifacts with each environment through the mechanism of dictionaries. A demonstration of the tool illustrated the point. Link to the presentation.

Automatic deployment microservices

Swissquote gave the first success story with XL Deploy solution. We discovered that despite the doubling of application deployments automating this task to significantly reduced operational teams workload. A fine example of the return on investment of this practice. Link to the presentation.

Standardisation of deployment procedures

The seminar ended on the experience of the University Hospital of Geneva with the standardisation of application deployment. A particular focus has been done on the industrialisation of the life cycle of integration flows EAI Mirth Connect. This integration component required a complex human intervention to the start production of integration flows in a clustered environment. This step is completely automated through the use of XL Deploy. Link to the presentation.

Technical Workshop

The day ended with a technical workshop where participants were able to implement the XL Deploy tool for Java application deployed on Tomcat via Jenkins.


SmartWave XebiaLabs and unite to Swissquote thank and hug their rich and concrete testimony. We thank all participants in this event for fruitful exchanges.