Webinar : Digitalisation of the invoice process in the Swiss real estate agency M3

Smartwave and Bonitasoft are pleased to announce you our first common webinar on the 6th of March 2018 about digitalization.

Join us to discover how we helped the Swiss real estate agency M3 in their invoice dematerialization process, interfacing Bonita platform with Kofax, Alfresco and their ERP.

M3’s employees can now, from a single custom interface:

  • view their own tasks (or the ones of their team/service)
  • view the task related document
  • deal with the tasks for which they are responsible or candidate.

The application also delivers a dashboard to visualize KPIs of the treatment process.

Register and see how through this new process and its increased efficiency it allowed M3 to optimize its invoice processing time, traceability, and offer new opportunities for extending this interface to other types of activity.