About us

SmartWave was created in the beginning of 2001 by a team of experienced IT engineers.

SmartWave started its activity by providing consultancy services and by designing and implementing Enterprise Document Management and Workflow systems (ECM), plus Identity and Access Management systems (IDM).

Due to the increasing importance and demand of these services, SmartWave has evolved its expertise and activities in 2008 to deliver integration of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), which is usually driven by Business Process Automation (BPA). To complement its integration offering, SmartWave also provides education, coaching and development services for Rich Internet or Desktop Applications (RIA, RDA).

To capitalize on the success of its SOA initiative, SmartWave has also established a practice for ERP and Business Intelligence, focused on Oracle Applications.

SmartWave has also developed an expertise for mobile professional applications, which include security access to client data and integration of corporate calendars and contacts.
Our services

SmartWave S.A. is an IT consultancy and software engineering company based in Geneva, with major service lines in the areas of:
  • Content and Process Management
  • Identity Management
  • Integration of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA, BPA)
  • Development of Rich Internet or Desktop Applications (RIA, RDA)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence practice for Oracle Applications (ERP, BI)
  • Development of corporate business applications for mobiles