June 23th, 2016 SmartWaveAxway and Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined in their first meet-up on leveraging APIs as part of a digital strategy, even in on-premise, cloud or hybrid architecture.

This event focused on real life digitalization projects driving companies to the exposition of their business assets in the form of APIs, with the goal of unlocking additional business value.

In a convivial atmosphere, we shared details on the core technical challenges of a successful digital transformation: security, access control, performance and availability.

Morning session started with a presentation on working with a micro-services API gateway in hybrid architectures, by Jean-Pierre LeGoaller, Architect at AWS. We learned how to greatly reduce coding efforts, make applications far more efficient, and decrease errors all at the same time, using small and flexible Micro-services with an API Gateway. Jean-Pierre then illustrated the benefits of AWS lambda function to run seamlessly codes as a service in AWS high-availability compute infrastructure.

Then, David Soulalioux, API Gateway pre-sales engineer at Axway illustrated, among others, a concrete use case of cloud API management at a worldwide energy industry leader. The presentation depicted the exposition of customer’s “Fuel Market” intranets website existing APIs to the outside world. This integration outlined the added value of the API Gateway as authentication layer, security and Quality Of Service (QoS) enforcement point. Also, the retained cloud infrastructure enabled for a scalable and reliable solution, allowing developers to focus on services instead of worrying about the infrastructure.


To conclude this morning session, Florent Martin, head of Security and IAM at Smartwave went deep in the implementation details of a digital transformation in manufacturing industry. This presentation focused on enforcing a partnership between a manufacturing company and its resellers dispatched all around the world. We learned about the benefits of using an API gateway as a non-intrusive approach for identity mediation between existing identity infrastructure at customer and modern HTML5 / JavaScript applications at resellers.

The afternoon session was dedicated to a technical workshop, lead by David Soulalioux from Axway. Attendees learned on API management, cloud integration through Web services virtualization, quota management and securing APIs.   SmartWave Axway and Amazon Web Services would like to thank all participants whom attended our event.

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