Swiss API Day


The presentation AWS allowed us to become aware of the need to initiate and maintain an active innovation process within a company. Several principles were presented including the “two pizza teams” that defines the ideal size of a team in order to optimize communication. Michael Garcia also presented benefits of Amazon cloud to meet the needs of agility, scalability, continuous innovation and cost reduction needed in the innovation process.




Yann Le Blevec, head of application integration offer within SmartWave has shown during his presentation that the fundamental principles of integration of service-oriented architecture remain valid with APIs. Indeed, even if the terminology changes, the principles remain. Nevertheless, technologies such as REST bring more flexibility and convenience if they are accompanied by a design and a well thought out security. Finally, Yann presented how the API management platforms address this agility and secure information flow challenges.




Axway leader in data governance flows presented the product overall solution Gateway API API management. Frédéric Pozzi, director of API sales, showed us how the flexibility of this tool allows an internal positioning to complement ESB or outside the company to secure connections with its ecosystem. Thus, the main use cases of the API Gateway are On Premise and Cloud integration, openness to mobility and the management of digital identities. These are essential points to be in the digital age.



The morning ended with the testimony of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. Franck Galmiche shared his experience of implementing Axway Gateway API product as part of a single sign-on solution for R & D. In this context the API Gateway and become the unique point for access to applications. This position allows you to control Kerberos authentication ticket and complete the cookies provided by Oracle Access Manager to provide single sign on service. In addition, the logs provided by Axway offered a more precise view of the use of each application. Finally, the flexibility of the tool has enabled integration with the incidents of the company management system. In fact, in case of non availability of target applications, automatic generation of trouble tickets can quickly notify administrators and optimize service levels of IT. In the end, users have a better experience of use and administration processes are simplified.



The afternoon ended with a product tour Axway Gateway API. Thierry Billion detailed how implement technical cases such as: virtualization web services in the exhibition as a Rest API SOAP service, composition of services, management of the generated API or consumption via a portal external. This progress has enabled demonstration to highlight the ease of use of the tool for complex cases.

In conclusion, the Swiss API Day was a day full of lessons and sharing. Thank you to Novartis to share experience and to Amazon Web Service for his presentation. Finally, SmartWave and Axway, thank all participants.


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