Our Solution mode focuses on strategic consulting, project development, and support, offering customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure and align with your long-term ambitions.

Meanwhile, our Engineering mode caters to the need for operational flexibility by bolstering your teams with specialized skills, ideal for augmenting your existing resources or managing specific initiatives.

Choosing SmartWave means opting for a partner that speaks the language of IT and is dedicated to the success of your IT projects, perfectly adapting to your environment and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

Engineering Approach
Solution Approach

The “Solution” mode of work at SmartWave is custom-tailored for IT departments. It covers the entirety of a technological project’s needs, from planning to maintenance. Our approach is centered on the implementation of precise technical solutions and personalized support at each phase of your platforms’ lifecycle.

We bring our expertise for in-depth analysis, robust architecture, seamless integration, and custom development, all complemented by continuous support. Our involvement goes beyond mere technical execution; we are committed to ensuring that the deployed solutions harmoniously integrate into your IT infrastructure and effectively contribute to your business ambitions. Choosing the Solution Builder mode is opting for a strategic partner for a lasting impact on your organizational success.

We begin with a detailed analysis of your business and technical needs, identifying key project objectives and the strategic importance of technology for your company.

We share our expertise by detailing the features and benefits of the proposed solutions, thus guiding the decision-making of project stakeholders.

Next, we align your needs with technological solutions, evaluating the added value and defining performance indicators to measure the project’s success.

Finally, we guide you in the selection of the technological product, establishing selection criteria and conducting Proof of Concepts (PoCs), to steer you towards the solution most suited to your environment and requirements.

Here we align business and IT expectations. We facilitate workshops to identify needs and ensure the effective integration of the platform. Governance is established with IT teams to determine roles, test strategies and delivery models, supported by a RACI matrix for clear responsibilities.

The platform’s architecture is designed to be secure and integrated, taking into account future developments. We define the technical stacks and necessary integration points.

A detailed roadmap guides the deployment and development, including technical specifications and training plans for effective adoption aligned with your business objectives.

We transform your vision into operational reality.

We begin by installing the platform, taking into account your company’s environment and specificities. This step is followed by a customized configuration to best meet your needs, leveraging our expertise to anticipate and circumvent potential obstacles while developing the necessary specific adaptations.

The integration of the platform into your information system is crucial to maximize its added value. Thus, we ensure that this integration is smooth and consistent with your existing technological ecosystem.

The realization of a pilot is then carried out to concretely prove the value of the solution. We actively involve the relevant teams in this process to guarantee rapid adoption and an initial tangible success.

Finally, the implementation of an effective operational model is ensured by training users and transferring the necessary knowledge for optimal exploitation of the platform.

We dedicate ourselves to the continuous optimization and evolution of your platform.

Our role is to ensure proactive maintenance of the platform to maintain its performance and security at an optimal level, including necessary updates and detailed monitoring of operations. We stay responsive to adjust the team and services according to the evolving needs of your business, with the flexibility offered by an adaptive managed service.

To ensure that your platform is not only maintained but also evolving, we commit to regularly integrating new projects, keeping you informed of the latest advancements and features, and fostering widespread adoption within your teams. The goal is to maximize user adoption by promoting knowledge of the platform throughout the company, identifying and supporting new use cases so that your technology investment grows in value and reach.