Founded in 2000, SmartWave positions itself as an independent Swiss company, based in Versoix. Our experience and expertise have led us to become a reference in the digital services sector. As a company owned by its leaders, our agility in decision-making and deeply rooted technical passion form the very essence of our identity from our inception.

SmartWave’s impact on our clients stems from our ability to merge cutting-edge technical expertise and lasting human partnerships. Explore our digital services and opt for innovative IT solutions.

At SmartWave, our actions and decisions are guided by four fundamental values: team spirit, passion, client focus, and reliability. These principles are not just slogans, but the reflection of our daily commitment.

They are the promise of an exceptional experience for our clients and a rewarding work environment for our employees. Together, they form the DNA of SmartWave, a unique culture of commitment, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Team Spirit: United in Diversity and Performance

Passion: The Beating Heart of Our Expertise

Client Focus: Prioritizing Your Ambitions

Reliability: The Commitment to Excellence

Certified Commitment: The B Corp certification distinguishes SmartWave for its balance between economic performance and positive social impact. It’s our commitment to responsible growth.

Impactful Corporate Culture: The well-being of employees and environmental respect are priorities for us. They are the necessary ingredients for our positive role in society.

Valuable Partnership for Our Clients: Working with SmartWave means choosing a certified partner known for its integrity and sustainable performance. This certification guarantees that our projects and practices meet the strictest social and environmental standards.

More Than a Label: Our certification is a reflection of our corporate mission, guiding our actions towards transparency and responsibility. It symbolizes our aspiration to be passionate and better for the world.

Certified B Corporation

Get to know the leadership team at SmartWave, passionate leaders who combine expertise and vision to successfully drive your digital transformation. They embody our commitment to excellence and innovation in serving our clients.

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Emmanuel Dupouy

Sales and Marketing Director

With 20 years at SmartWave, I have climbed the ranks from developer to director, pioneering our offering in digital orchestration. My vision and expertise have been catalysts for our growth.

Off the beaten path, I swap business strategies for trail paths. Passionate about human nature, I find my balance in philosophical reflection and the adrenaline of outdoor sports.

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

Denis Ronssin

CEO & Visionary

Entrepreneurship is my passion.
It’s what has motivated me since day one at SmartWave, giving me the ability to stay optimistic and positive, even when it comes to bouncing back from failure.
It allows me to endure, to never get bored, nor to feel stagnant in sometimes challenging moments.

It’s the passion that prevents me from being consumed, as it gives me the opportunity to work, share, build, and develop essential alignments that last with people who are just as passionate, whether it’s about computing, human development, or entrepreneurship.

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Nicolas Mérat

Operations and Human Resources Director

With a wealth of experience in consulting and a historical expertise in document management and collaborative solutions, I am dedicated to harmonizing operational excellence and team dynamics.

As a former high-level athlete and a lifelong enthusiast of leadership, I strive to be a daily facilitator, creating an environment conducive to collective success, where each team member can thrive and excel in their respective areas.

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Yannick Marrec

Engineering Team Director

After starting my career as a developer and then advancing to a technical leadership role, I joined SmartWave 13 years ago as a consultant. During the first five years, I worked on integration and full-stack development projects before taking a turn in my career by becoming the head of the web & mobile development team. Since then, the team has grown, and my role has evolved to my current position as the Director of the Engineering Team. Our mission is to provide the best consultant to enhance our clients’ technical teams.

Today, I dedicate all my energy and experience to supporting my clients and my team. To achieve this, I rely on the talents within the team, encourage collaborative work, envision their individual career paths and aspirations, and ultimately assist them in maximizing their skills. We also pay special attention to getting to know our clients, their constraints, and their needs. Through this approach, combined with a rigorous recruitment process, we are able to provide our clients with reliable, qualified, and passionate professionals.

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Mathieu Caudron

Solution Team Director

With a technical background, I have traversed various levels within the company throughout my career: developer, project manager, architect, technical director, and department head. The operational, managerial, commercial, and technical aspects associated with these positions have enabled me to gain valuable experience in navigating the challenges that define the daily life of a seasoned team director.

Our Solution Team is dedicated to assisting our clients from the initial requirement definition phase through implementation and scaling of the technical components that make up our offerings. Consequently, I place a special emphasis on the business acumen of my teams to ensure both their high technical expertise and an elevated understanding of the industry.

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Emeline Lemarié

Account & Team Manager Engineering

With 6 years of experience in the IT sector, initially as a Head Hunter and later as a Sales Manager, I am responsible for client and prospect relationships. My role: to provide support in finding the right person for their project! And because team development also leads to sustainability, I ensure the well-being and skill enhancement of a portion of our collaborators.

“Because alone, we go faster, but together, we go further” is somewhat her motto: a driving force in teamwork, I foster collaboration and encourage new ideas. All of this, not without a good dose of humor! In recent months, I have embarked on a new challenge to bring more music into my daily life: learning to play the drums!

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Ourida Bennour

Account Manager Solution

With 6 years of experience as an account manager in the tech industry, I joined SmartWave in the “solution” department to assist our clients in all stages of their projects (from upfront consultancy to execution and support).

Customer satisfaction is what drives me the most in my daily work, and this satisfaction primarily hinges on effective communication with all stakeholders.

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Martial Pottier

Head of Application Security Offering

Following more than 10 years and two successful experiences in consulting firms, I wanted to return to my technical roots. I joined SmartWave to oversee the application security offering, leveraging my skills and experiences in both business and technical aspects.

As a lifelong athlete constantly seeking new challenges, I am driven by a passion for self-improvement and achieving feats that may seem insurmountable. I firmly believe that determination can move mountains. My positive and communicative attitude enables me to conquer these challenges and rally those around me into the adventure.

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Julie Lefrere

Talent Acquisition Specialist

With international experience in the consulting field and expertise in IT recruitment, I am dedicated to finding the best talents to grow our teams and meet our clients’ needs.

I am committed to infusing a human touch into the recruitment process with a swift process, and I provide personalized feedback to each candidate.

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Nicolas Gruszczynska

Head of Application Integration Offering

With 17 years of experience in the software industry, my journey began as a developer and evolved into roles as a team leader and architect. Throughout this time, I have closely followed technical trends with a genuine passion. This approach has allowed me to explore a wide range of technologies that have shaped my career in sync with the ever-evolving field of information technology.

My professional journey has involved collaborations with major retail brands, where I have successfully contributed to the customization and integration of software solutions. As the head of the integration department, I contribute in a cross-functional manner to the daily challenges we tackle for Swiss businesses. With a strong affinity for technology in my DNA, it is sometimes with difficulty but also with genuine pleasure that I set aside the keyboard in favor of my role as a manager of our team of consultants.