SmartWave embodies a deep mastery of cutting-edge solutions. We are convinced that high-quality standard products are levers for efficiency and cost savings. Therefore, for each area of expertise, we select flagship products from recognized publishers to design personalized and high-performing solutions.

Each recommendation is the result of close collaboration and mutual trust with our partner publishers. Our approach goes beyond the mere use of products; we build strategic partnerships to fully master each solution, understand its strengths and limitations, and integrate it optimally into our clients’ systems, thus precisely meeting their challenges.


Quickly turn your ideas into innovative applications…

“Accelerate Your Digital Transformation: Mendix, the Low-Code Development Platform for Agile Innovation.”

Mendix is at the forefront of the Low-Code revolution, enabling businesses of all sizes to turn their ideas into high-performance applications with unprecedented speed and flexibility. This revolutionary platform democratizes application development, providing IT professionals and business analysts with the tools to collaborate and create custom solutions. With Mendix, the complexity of development is reduced, paving the way for unbridled creativity and accelerated time-to-market. Shape the future of your company by adopting Mendix solutions for continuous innovation and sustainable competitive advantage.


Dynamic web development, interactive UI, optimal maintenance…

Angular is a robust and versatile framework for developing dynamic web applications, providing consistent tools for creating rich and interactive user interfaces. It enables seamless integration of complex features and delivers a consistent user experience across various platforms. As Angular experts, we leverage its ability to efficiently structure front-end development to deliver high-performance applications that precisely meet the needs of end-users, while maintaining optimal code maintainability and scalability.


Agily for interactive and intuitive web applications…

Vue.js is an agile and reactive framework designed to propel web applications to new heights of interactivity and finesse. It is the architect of choice for crafting sleek and vibrant interfaces. Its strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into any web project, enhancing the user experience without adding complexity to the development process.

With Vue.js as our foundation, we shape user experiences that not only meet expectations but anticipate them. Through Vue.js, we mold web applications that are both lightweight and robust, intuitive and innovative, allowing for agile development and a final product that evolves with the pace of your business. Choosing Vue.js with SmartWave means opting for flexibility and efficiency for an online presence that leaves a lasting impression.

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Enhance Java development with speed and security….

Spring apporte une structure solide pour le développement d’applications Java, avec des fonctions d’inversion de contrôle et d’injection de dépendances pour une meilleure organisation du code. Spring Boot complète cet environnement en permettant une configuration rapide et une mise en place aisée des applications, rendant le processus de développement plus efficace. Notre expertise dans l’utilisation de ces frameworks garantit des solutions adaptées et sécurisées, tout en réduisant la complexité et en accélérant la livraison de projets.


Versatility at the Heart of Technological Innovation….

Java remains an essential programming language, combining versatility, performance, and portability. Its object-oriented approach and robust Java Virtual Machine (JVM) make it the cornerstone of many enterprise solutions, from mobile applications to embedded systems. With Java, we develop secure, scalable, and interoperable applications that adapt to the most complex environments. Our Java expertise enables us to effectively meet the requirements of projects of all sizes, ensuring seamless integration with modern technologies and agile development. Choosing Java means opting for a proven technology that has evolved with the needs of the IT industry, ensuring the longevity of your software investments.


Connect, innovate and excel…

Axway stands out as a catalyst for digital innovation, offering solutions that transcend traditional IT boundaries. Their expertise in API management enables seamless and secure system integration, thus promoting smooth collaboration and increased agility in today’s complex environments. Axway provides the keys to unlock the potential of data and services, ensuring digital evolution in harmony with regulatory requirements and customer expectations. In partnership with Axway, pave the way for an integrated digital strategy, propelling your business to new heights of performance and growth.


Seamless Integration, Agile Future…

WSO2 presents itself as an architect of open innovation, offering powerful integration platforms that catalyze digital transformation. Their expertise in API management, service integration, and digital identity management enables companies to build agile and responsive systems, essential for today’s connected economy. WSO2 equips organizations with tools to create robust applications, simplify complex workflows, and ensure secure communication between disparate services. By collaborating with WSO2, companies can ensure a solid foundation for constant evolution, adapting effortlessly to the changing demands of the market and the evolving needs of their clients.


Streamline health data integration and management …

Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare is a health data integration engine, distinguished by its intuitive interface, enabling easy integration with health standards. It offers advanced tools for data transformation, ensuring compatibility between heterogeneous systems and easy management of data flows.

Designed for performance and scalability, Mirth Connect meets the demands of high-volume data environments. It also offers comprehensive training, premium support, and for businesses, a Premium version with commercial extensions, enhanced security management, and flexible licensing options, compliant with GDPR.

Amazon Web Services

Innovation and agility at scale…

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the forefront of the cloud revolution, offering an infinitely scalable and reliable ecosystem of services to support digital transformation at all levels. AWS empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage a broad range of cloud computing solutions, spanning from infrastructure to platform as a service, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

With AWS, you can innovate faster, scale according to fluctuating demand, and maintain cutting-edge security. Our partnership with AWS provides you access to adaptive resources and expert guidance to optimize your cloud presence, ensuring seamless integration and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Orchestrate your digital transformation… positions itself as the conductor of digital transformation, providing integrated solutions that break down silos between development, operations, and security teams. Through an intelligent and collaborative platform, brings agility, DevOps, and cybersecurity under one umbrella, enabling organizations to deliver secure, high-quality applications to the market at an accelerated pace.

Our collaboration with ensures a seamless and efficient implementation of these strategic tools, aligned with your growth objectives and the rapidly evolving market requirements. In partnership with, we guide you in realizing your digital vision through tangible and measurable actions, strengthening your competitiveness in the digital era.

We specialize in the following products:

  • Release
  • Deploy

Red Hat

The Key to a Scalable and Reliable IT Infrastructure…

Red Hat stands as a cornerstone of open-source innovation, providing robust solutions that power the IT infrastructures of modern enterprises. They specialize in delivering operating systems, middleware, hybrid cloud solutions, and high-level consulting services.

With Red Hat, you get cutting-edge technology and the flexibility needed to adapt to changing IT environments while maintaining unwavering reliability and security. Their solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring a strong foundation for developing and managing modern applications. In partnership with Red Hat, you gain access to expertise that propels the business forward, supports innovation, and prepares your IT infrastructure for the future.

We are specialized in these products :

  • RedHat SSO / Keycloak
  • RedHat IDM /FreeIPA
  • OpenShift / Kubernetes


Trust foundations for every customer interaction…

“ForgeRock takes a leading role in identity and access management, offering solutions that prioritize security and personalized user experiences. Their platform is designed to safeguard and manage digital identities at scale, enabling secure online interactions for consumers, employees, and connected devices.

With ForgeRock, businesses have the tools to create frictionless customer journeys while maintaining control over access and preserving data privacy. Choosing ForgeRock means adopting a security strategy that not only addresses current challenges but is also ready to evolve with future innovations.


Secure and centralize identity management, tailored to your budget…

OneLogin, a leading platform in access and identity management, offers solutions to secure and centralize data for employees, customers, and partners, all tailored to your budget. Globally recognized with over 5500 clients and 6000 application integrations, it provides identity management without compromising user experience and significantly reduces support requests.

This trusted platform secures applications, devices, and end-users, ensuring operational efficiency and advanced features for all use cases, thus facilitating rapid deployment and user adoption.


For secure, agile digital transformation…

Microsoft, the giant of technological innovation, offers a suite of solutions that transform the IT development landscape. With Entra ID, Microsoft lays the foundation for security and authentication, ensuring that every digital transaction and interaction is protected and personalized, thus setting a new standard for digital identities.

In the DevOps arena, Microsoft raises the bar with tools that streamline collaboration between development and operations. Their DevOps platform orchestrates continuous integration and deployment, reducing time to market while improving software quality. It’s the perfect choreography of speed, performance, and innovation.

Microsoft’s API Management is the cornerstone of the integration strategy, enabling businesses to create connected ecosystems with disconcerting ease. It’s the promise of seamless interconnectivity, where every service can be discovered, consumed, and shared securely and at scale.

By choosing Microsoft, you opt for a digital transformation where security, agility, and connectivity are the triptych of assured success.

We specialize in the following products:

  • Entra ID
  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps
  • API Management


Navigate your digital transformation with expertise and trust… stands as a preferred partner for your digital transformation, providing trusted guidance to overcome challenges such as identifying needs and prioritizing resources. With a participative approach, collaborates with executives and CIOs to strategically define and guide their digital transformation, ensuring that each company’s vision is fully realized.

The team supports the implementation of your IT projects, closely coordinating business and development teams and facilitating change management for a smooth integration of new solutions.


Every line of code becomes a fortress…

Checkmarx is not just a security solutions provider; it is a benchmark redefining global application security. Its platform, recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, brings unparalleled peace of mind throughout the software development lifecycle.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your development processes, it provides a proactive response to security challenges, catering to both DevSecOps teams and CISOs. With Checkmarx, you gain clear visibility and complete control, transforming every security challenge into an opportunity for innovation and market leadership.


Intelligent Automation at Your Fingertips…

Kofax leads the intelligent automation revolution by equipping businesses with the tools to transform and simplify complex processes. Their range of solutions, from data capture to process robotics, enhances agility and optimizes operational performance.

In partnership with Kofax, we deploy automation strategies that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, improving decision-making and efficiency while reducing costs. Our experts ensure that each implemented Kofax solution aligns with your strategic goals, transforming information processing challenges into growth opportunities for your business.

We specialize in the following products:

  • Kofax Capture
  • Kofax Transformation Modules