Long-term vision

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

A Long-Term Vision: More Than Just a Job, a Human Adventure.

Stability and Trust: Looking for a safe harbor in this ever-changing world? You’ve found it. At SmartWave, the proof is in the numbers: our average tenure is 5 years. Not bad, right?

Always By Your Side: Life is full of ups and downs. With us, you’re never alone. We’re here for you.

Independence, Our Strength: Founded in 2001, SmartWave takes pride in its steady growth and independence. No external financial pressure here, as we are owned by our own management team.

Why Does This Matter? This independence allows us to make decisions that benefit our employees and clients in the long term, rather than external shareholders.

Technical excellence

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

More Than a Word, a Philosophy

A Select Club: Joining SmartWave is like joining an elite team. Our criteria are stringent because we seek the best. If you’re with us, it means you have what it takes to shine.

Your Journey, Our Priority: Being good isn’t enough; we want you to become excellent. To achieve this, we go all out: specialized training, certifications, and much more.

Sages at Your Service: Our senior consultants are tech whizzes, and they’re here for you. Need advice, a tip, or guidance? They’ll steer you to stay at the forefront.

Coaching and Mentorship: A Winning Duo. Our seniors aren’t just experts; they’re also mentors. They will accompany you in your evolution, challenge you, and push you to surpass your limits.

Culture and work environment

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

Culture and work environment: where excellence meets well-being

Flexibility and comfort: At SmartWave, we understand that quality of life at work matters. We offer flexible working hours, the option to work remotely two days a week, and spaces designed for your concentration and creativity.

Small open spaces, big ideas: Our offices are designed to encourage collaboration without sacrificing privacy. Need to brainstorm or focus solo? You have plenty of options.

Diversity and inclusion: Not just words, a mission

A melting pot of talents: We firmly believe that diversity is a strength. That’s why we’re committed to attracting more women to our team and valuing talents from all backgrounds.

Equity and transparency: No room for prejudices or discrimination here. We work hard to eliminate systemic biases and ensure fair salary practices.

A fair life cycle: From your application to your possible departure, every step is designed to be just and transparent.

Administrative and daily support

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

Administrative and daily support: we take care of everything, you take care of yourself

Zero administrative stress: Moving for work? No worries! Our HR team handles the paperwork so you can focus on what truly matters: your career at SmartWave.

Your boss, your ally: Here, you don’t just have a boss; you have a mentor. Someone who knows you, follows you, and guides you in your projects and ambitions.

Small team, big impact: We believe in the power of small teams. More closeness, more efficiency, and above all, more humanity.

Evaluations and monitoring: Your journey, our priority

Annual review: Once a year, we take stock. Where are you at? Where do you want to go? We build the path together.

Quarterly check-up: Every three months, a quick check-up to make sure everything is smooth and you’re on the right track.

Recruitment process

SmartWave - Technologies numériques de pointe

Recruitment process: your adventure at SmartWave begins here

1. First contact: We start by getting to know each other. A member of our HR team will discuss with you your background, your ambitions, and what excites you in life.

2. Show us what you’re made of: Now for the technical test! Our experts are eager to discover your talents.

3. Meeting with the boss: Next, you’ll have an interview with the manager of the team you could be joining. This is your moment to shine and show off your expertise.

4. Peer to peer, heart to heart: If you’re in the area, we invite you to a friendly meal in Versoix. An opportunity to talk about everything except your resume. We want to get to know you, not just your career path.

5. The Grand finale: If all goes well, a tailor-made contract offer awaits you!

I have a sharing and exchanging relationship with my manager that is very pleasant on a daily basis. He never imposes his choices arbitrarily but always ensures that we are aligned on the reasons behind the decisions that are made.

He respects my role as a technical expert, where I provide him with the necessary insights into project implementation. On his side, he provides all the support I need for the completion of my missions, be it at the contractual, logistical, human, or even in some technical areas where he has more expertise than me!

Kevin Fontaine

Software Architect

The recruitment process went very smoothly, and the exchanges during my various interviews instilled confidence in me, strengthening my desire to work for SmartWave. I was hired based on my profile, which particularly appealed to me, demonstrating a genuine desire to work with me in the long term.

I started in October 2019. During the initial weeks, I underwent online training in Angular and Java while working on a personal project to apply my knowledge. Simultaneously, I joined an in-house project at SmartWave. Finally, I found a mission in a large administration that aligned with my interests, a Fullstack Java Springboot Angular project.

Robin Balbis

Fullstack Developer

I was warmly welcomed upon my arrival at Smartwave. The support from my colleagues was particularly valuable, especially considering the significant change that this move to Switzerland represented. Their attention and guidance from the beginning made this transition easier and more enjoyable.

Working at Smartwave feels like being part of a large family. Every day, it’s a pleasure to meet my colleagues, whether it’s for a summer swim in the lake or to share a fondue in winter. The atmosphere is exceptional, and I have been fortunate to develop genuine friendships, making the experience even more enriching.

Life in this region is extremely peaceful, with a simply beautiful living environment. Compared to my previous surroundings, I feel much less insecurity and tension here, contributing to a more serene daily life.

One of the most memorable moments was a picnic with colleagues by the lake at the beginning of summer. The experience of swimming with the snowy peaks of the mountains in the background was simply amazing. This moment of relaxation and camaraderie will be etched in my memory.


Consultant IAM and Security

I joined SmartWave in July 2023, and my arrival was well-prepared with breakfast offered for the team. In my case, I found it contributed significantly to easing my integration. The equipment (PC, headset, bag, water bottle, and even a SmartWave sweatshirt) was ready and handed over to me in the morning. I had several follow-up interviews; the goals were clear and shared, and I quickly found my place in the company.

I settled in the Swiss countryside, and I have no regrets. I am 30 minutes away from a ski resort, 20 minutes from the beach, and a 45-minute commute to work. I am living every day what used to be a vacation for me!

Guillaume Roux

DevOps Engineer

Leaving Île-de-France, I didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much in the region. Lakes, mountains, skiing, and cable cars fill my weekends. I adapted quickly to the area, and I feel very comfortable here.

My best moment at SmartWave was participating in the annual SmartWave event even before officially joining the company. It was a festive and sporty moment spent with those who would become my colleagues.

Arnaud Loue

IAM Consultant

Until now, the best project of my career is the one I am currently working on at HUG. It’s an application that calculates the workload of doctors and nurses for the next day. What makes this project truly interesting is that it will be something genuinely useful for users. Based on the calculation results, they can determine if they have enough doctors and nurses to meet the patients’ needs. And if not, they will know in advance that they need to move staff from a less busy unit to the unit with the highest workload for that day. This will prevent doctors and nurses from having an overly busy day by providing temporary assistance. Through this project, I am solidifying my knowledge of Spring Boot and Angular, and I am learning more about Spring Batch, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Kafka, and reactive programming.

Baptiste Diot

Full Stack Developer